Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hello World!

I have started this blog at the constant urgings of my siblings (and honorary siblings), and friends. It will be a bossy and opinionated guide to my adventures in the kitchen, decorating, design, art, film, crafts, books, things that annoy me and things that give me joy. The masthead at the top will be a visual montage that I will change frequently to reflect my current obsessions and inspirations.

Most importantly, I’m undertaking this venture as a labour of love—I hope to rediscover some of my forgotten passions and expand current interests.

So welcome to the Fat Sister’s Guide to Life and let me share my musings with you.


  1. Look out, here she comes!



  2. Hi Phulti!

    Is this yours as well?

    There is some option to migrate the posts.

    E viva blogeria!

    peter (new)

  3. Hey Shubhani,

    This is wonderful, count me in as a follower. I love the images of the food, just yummy. I look forward to going along for the ride. Thanks and love you both you and Tasty Boy.


  4. Yummmmmmmy! Remind me to bring my camera to take more pics of you for the new venture! Kisses!!

  5. Hi Shubhani,

    Good luck, I look forward to your comments!

    Best wishes, -R

  6. NP: The other blog is someone else.



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