Thursday, April 22, 2010

Summer blockbuster

Forget about Sex and the City 2, this is my summer blockbuster pick; complete with swords, chain mail, cavalry charges and Russell Crowe in tight hosiery.  :)


  1. Can there possibly be a new spin on Robin Hood? And Cate Blanchett is so unattractive--she needs to sit down and eat some of your chicken curry. (Did anoxeria exist in Medieval times or was it just the plague?) Give me Errol Flynn in tights any day and Olivia De Haviland is pretty.

  2. I confess, my primary reaction was "We don't need more Robin Hood movies."

    I am spoiled by the BBC series, which has introduced the toothsome Richard Armitage to me. Seriously, google images of him as Guy of Guisborne.



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