Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Limelight Marketplace

New Yorkers are used to chameleon-like transformation of buildings and public spaces—biscuit factories morphing to industrial-chic markets, firehouses turning into swanky condos, old speakeasies transforming to rehab centres. Now comes the Limelight Marketplace, which is a spanking new retail space dedicated to gourmet foods, crafts and what-nots, opening in the restored neo-gothic former Episcopal church (1844-1976) at the corner on 6th avenue and 20th street, which was once incarnated (1983-2001) as the infamous Limelight nightclub inaugurated by Andy Warhol.

I walk by the church every morning on my way to work and saw the construction permits and scaffolding go up last fall and lots of hammering and drilling sounds emitting from the site all winter. Yesterday, workers were digging up the dirt pile outside the main church building and planting greenery. All this activity confirmed the imminent opening of the new marketplace, which I’d been reading about in food blogs over the past few weeks. Today’s NY Times food section carries a story announcing the grand opening this coming Friday, May 7th. I will definitely stop by over the weekend, scope out the offerings and report back with a full review.

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