Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ittar lane

Just off of the gold souk is the lane of perfumers selling the most delicate and heady traditional hand-distilled ittars and essences in tiny jewel-box stores.


  1. Hi,

    We will be stopping over at Dubai on our way to India. What were some of the nicer finds you discovered in the spice souk at Dubai?


    1. The spice souk in Dubai is lined with dealers and wholesale shops filled to-the-brim with goods from all over Asia and the middle east. I stocked-up on spices like sumac and aleppo peppers from North Africa, and dried Persian rosebuds from Isfahan in Iran. I also bought handmade Iraqi surma from a herbalist who carried natural cosmetics and traditional medicinal remedies. I picked up concentrates of oudh and musk from one of the shops in the ittar lane, which the proprietor poured into beautiful Moroccan, filigreed perfume bottles. In the gold souk, I steered clear of the modern diamond jewellery, that you can find anywhere else, and focused on antique bedouin pieces and regional enamelwork from Oman.

      I recommend saving at least an afternoon to wander through all the old bylanes with plenty of time to browse!



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