Sunday, September 9, 2012

In my Sewing box: Cross Stitch iPhone Case

I’m long overdue sharing some of my recent hand-sewn creations. So look out for quite a few craft-related posts in the coming weeks. To start off, here’s something I just finished.

I came across this completely customisable iPhone kit by Connect Design at Purl SoHo. It’s a simple plastic iPhone 4/4S case, with an utterly genius gridded back panel, onto which you can directly cross stitch or needlepoint—a sleek, super-tech iPhone encased in a hand-embroidered sleeve—how anachronistically perfect!

The box comes with a few design templates, embroidery thread in three colours, and a needle. Of course me being me, I had to do create a pattern of my own, and came up with this classically sweet, symmetrical design of repeating wreath motifs. I paired the bright, neon orange case with Londonderry 100% linen thread in pale taupe and cream.

The grid was fairly easy to work with, but I had to make allowances for the cutout in the top left corner for the phone’s camera lens. I also fussed endlessly with how to resolve the area directly to the right of the camera cutout—it was not big enough to accommodate another row of wreaths, so I sketched for a while till I ended up with something that didn’t make the design top-heavy.

When it came time to sew, I finished the first wreath completely to make sure my sketch grid aligned perfectly with the grid on the case. Then I continued working with the taupe colour. Above the first wreaths, you can see some alternate colours—gold and pink—that I tested, before settling on the taupe and cream.

Once I completed all the taupe areas, I started to fill-in with the cream thread.

The finished case—Apple fanboys/fangirls and craft geeks unite!


  1. WOW!!! No really. WOW!!!

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