Monday, October 15, 2012

In my Sewing Box: Needlefelt Pincushions

Over the summer, I took a needlefelting class at The City Quilter and have become addicted to this versatile and speedy craft. What is needlefelting you might ask? It is creating felt by taking raw wool roving and continuously punching it with a sharp faceted needle until the wool fibres fuse together to form felt.

You can create flat sheets of felt, or even form the felt into various three-dimensional shapes likes spheres and blocks. Once you master the basic technique, the sky is the limit in its application. Fellow students in my class created round felt beads and strung them together to make necklaces and brooches; some made multi-coloured flat sheets of felt and then cut and sewed them into little pouches and bags; and others used the general starter shapes to make little dolls and animals!

I started off with basic oval and round forms, and then moved onto more complex creations—I'll showcase the wee critters I made in a separate post.

But I held onto the first two forms, embellished them with fern and leaf motifs in linen embroidery thread, and have been using them as handy-dandy pincushions. 

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  1. They are so sweet. I have wanted to try felting.I am interested in creating beads. Will have to chat with you on this subject.



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