Friday, February 12, 2010

In My Sewing Box

As all my family and friends know, I’m very thorough and determined. Once I put my mind to it, I never stop until I finish something. Except when it comes to completing a sewing project for myself. I have sewn numerous things in record time to give people as gifts. But when it comes to making something for myself, I end up with a pile of half-finished projects, sitting for months and years in my craft drawer with no end in sight.

Exhibit 1: 

This one is embarrassing—the front of the bag has been complete for 5 years. I have just that little bird to embroider in the back panel, then sew the two panels together, and add the handle. It’s not as if the workmanship is bad. On the contrary, I’m very proud of all the textures I managed to create with the crewel wool. But just when I was so close to the end, I gave up. Why?!

Exhibit 2: 

I bought the antique silver mini purse closure in Savannah years ago. Then last March I decided to make a little evening bag in petit point to attach to it. It’s a tiny little thing, only about 4” wide, so it should have been done in a jiffy. Well, that was 11 months ago . . . . I got through the butterfly and then moved onto other more exciting projects destined for other people. Aaaaah.

So, dear friends, I beg you to write lots of comments, send admonishing emails, give me ultimatums and kick me in the rear. I need your help—convince me to finish these puppies (before the summer that is)!!

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  1. I find that sometimes you need to reframe the way you are seeing the project. Case in point-I've had these folding chairs from the 40's that I got from a thrift store. I was supposed to strip them by sanding, and then restain them in funky colors. Well, I stripped three of them-what a pain to strip a chair, so many sides!-and there they sat for four years! I even brought them to Cally, much to the dismay of my husband. A month ago, I decided to throw them out. Then it occured to me, it's the sanding I hate! What if I just painted them? Sure it wouldn't be my ideal of the awesome stained chair, but it would be something different and wonderful. So I did and they look great and I feel wonderfu that I finally finished my chairs. What if you didn't do a purse, but maybe made the needlepoint smaller and into a pincusion or pillow? Also, you can give your project to a needlepoint friend. Sometimes it's better just to give away a project to a friend that will do it justice. You're not failing if you do!



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