Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inside the QM2

Here you go, a look inside the majestic QM2 in all her art deco magnificence. She really is everything that she's touted to be—grand, opulent and above all BIG.

The bow of the QM2.

The 2-storey-tall grand lobby.

The stairs winding up the lobby.

The giant bronze mural above the lobby.

One of the innumerable gilded elevators.

Afternoon tango lessons in the ballroom.

"Courtside" seats in the ballroom.

The stained-glass ceiling in the Britannia dining room.

The Canyon Ranch Spa.

The intimate and luxurious Queens Grill dining room where we feasted every night.

Look, they really do polish all the silver!

The incredible staff at the Queens Grill who were at our constant beck and call, and for whom no demand was unreasonable, even lamb consommé at only 4 hours notice!
Standing from left to right: sommelier Bruno, junior waiter George, senior maître d'hôtel Beniamino, waiters Cristian and Dinesh, head waiter Damian.

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