Monday, October 18, 2010

Mementos from Bar Harbor and Halifax

During lunch in Bar Harbor, I spied what looked like a surprisingly chic collection of rugs in a handicrafts store across the street. While hubby settled the bill, I decided to investigate the rugs further, and found doormats made from reclaimed fishing rope by a small Maine company called Custom Cordage. They were a perfect marriage of form and function—rugged and utilitarian, and beautifully gnarly and graphic as well. If the ropes had survived the cold, rough waters of the north Atlantic, then they could definitely withstand whatever traffic my own front door had to offer! I scooped up this dark grey one with celadon flecks and a bold yellow stripe down the middle. It picks up perfectly on the tones in the hallway carpet outside the apartment door.

This tag was attached to the doormat and explains the story behind “The Right Mat.” Watch the video below for a little insight into how the doormats came about. [Video courtesy Daily Grommet.]

In Halifax, I visited a fibre and yarn store called Loop Craft Café and bought these adorable handmade needlework notions—wooden buttons which are cross-sections of old, fallen tree branches, and a beautiful mini pincushion made from emerald green velvet and local yellow cedar burl.


  1. Great purchases. Love the buttons and the doormat. Every-time you get to your front door you will glance down and be reminded of your wonderful trip north. xop

  2. Hi Phulti...So glad you had a wonderful trip to my neck of the're right...those mats are fabulous and have been for sale for a few years in a dozen or so shops near will enjoy yours...I loved following you along on your journey...really beautiful best to L.

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